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ATS SuperTrak™ Micro

SuperTrak™ Micro solves issues associated with small batch or single piece part flows with an unmatched combination of flexible and high speed performance.


With payload of up to 1.5 kg and part spacing as low as 50 mm SuperTrak™ Micro is an ideal platform for small part assembly and processing.

Standard on SuperTrak systems:

  • Eliminating unneeded tooling
  • Reduced system size
  • More process time
  • Cleanroom compliant
  • Ease of flexibility
  • Quiet

Why SuperTrak Micro?

  • Divide and merge anywhere
    • Process flexibility
    • Part flow separated and unites at full speed
  • Clean Grade
    • Stainless steel housing
    • Supports food and medical grade applications
  • Any Form
    • Modular component
    • Segments can be shaped for your unique needs
  • Optimal Motion
    • Individually controlled pallets
    • Synchronous or asynchronous motion in same cell
  • Flexible Control
    • Use any PLC
    • Easily configured out of the box
  • Process Anywhere
    • Stops and work on curves
    • Access to both bottom and top of work piece

“For 18 years SuperTrak systems have been used to automate the most demanding automation applications. The new SuperTrak™ Micro enables radical new machine concepts that rethink the serial assembly line.”
- Albert Kleinikkink, Product Director

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