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ATS Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 1999 Results

二月 03, 1999 | Financials
Excluding a special charge related to future volumes under its microelectronics contract, ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. today...

ATS Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 1999 Results

十一月 10, 1998 | Financials
We are pleased to report at the half-year point, that ATS continues to record solid growth. In particular, the second...

ATS Reports First Quarter Fiscal 1999 Results

八月 14, 1998 | Financials
ATS began its 1999 fiscal year with sharply higher first quarter revenue and earnings. These gains illustrate...

ATS Reports Annual and Fourth Quarter Fiscal 1998 Results

五月 20, 1998 | Financials
ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. today reported a $153.1 million increase in revenue and a $7.8 million increase in earnings...