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Optimized Solution: ATS OmniTrak™

Conceived as a natural progression of ATS sortimat technology, the ATS OmniTrak™ combines the synchronous drive of the Spaceline™ chassis with asynchronous pallet movement provided by the programmable SuperTrak™ pallet transfer system. The result: an optimized solution that is robust, reliable with lower cost and maintaintability.

ATS OmniTrak

The combination of technologies allows multiple process times and selective synchronization of devices. The result is a system that is no longer limited to run all stations at the same pace of the slowest stations.


This optimized platform enables reduction of assembly steps. Where synchronous platforms may require transfers into an additional cell to run a time-driven process such as welding or leak testing, OmniTrak™ platform simply changes the synchronization to process more or less parts at a time in the same cell.


The SuperTrak™ modules allow system expansion and an exclusively tailored machine layout that satisfies your individual needs. The independent movement of the SuperTrak™ eliminates the fixed-increment spacing from an indexer. Process changes and additional stations can easily be implemented in the existing machine.

Reduced Maintenance

The maintenance of the drive is reduced by elimination of multiple moving parts and replacing them with solid-state devices, drastically reducing wear and noise. The system no longer depends on a full load of pallets, and if it ever becomes necessary, motors can be replaced with minimum machine intervention.




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观看视频,了解经优化的 OmniTrak™ 如何将 ATS SuperTrak™ 传送带和 sortimat Spaceline™ 平台完美结合在一起,从而打造拥有业界领先的灵活性、模块性和性能的最佳装配自动化平台。