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automated dial system with a man checking the display for vision inspection information

Imaging - Machine Vision

Delivering high performance, user friendly vision solutions

ATS has over 25 years experience with machine vision

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life science automation system blurring from movement

Automation Platforms

Offering a full range of platform standards

Giving you the style of automation you need to manufacture your product

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four employees working on yellow robots that are assembling automotive components

Robotic Systems & Cells

ATS has experience integrating thousands of robots

Let our experience work for you

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small needles being sorted in an automated system

Specialized dispensing automation

Delivering high-accuracy controlled fluid dispensing

From pico-liters to milliliters, from biogical materials to toxic chemicals

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man working on a complex dial machine

Technology Integration

From ultrasonic welding to molding we incorporate a wide variety of technologies to meet our customers’ requirements.


series of 4 cameras aligned to inspect the end of glass tubes for defects

Imaging - Machine Vision

With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of vision system technology, ATS has the expertise and technology to deliver results.


slitting mechanism positioned over a length of transparent material

Web Handling

Offering a wide variety of web handling systems from simple index feed systems to complex multi-web, high accuracy continuous feed systems.


a woman and man in lab coats standing in front of stainless enclosed machine with viewing window

Clean Room & Enclosures

From life sciences to electronics, we offer experience in clean room and sterile environments to meet your requirements.


automated system for assembling a medical device

Assembly and Processing

From process development to scalable, modular and flexible automation, we have the technology to meet your manufacturing needs.


white enclosed machine with interface station and tinted glass to protect from lasers

Laser Processing

ATS is an industry leader in the design and build of high-performance laser based automated manufacturing solutions.


press positioned over a product on a programmable conveyor pallet

Joining Technologies

Joining two or more components is crucial to product assembly. We have extensive expertise in technologies to build your product.


Inspection gauge measuring a stainless steel product

Inspection & Test Systems

ATS offers a broad range of in process verification (IPV) and end of line functional testing to suit your product requirements.


automation system

Automation Platforms

From rotary dial indexing to power & free conveyors, we have an extensive range of platforms to build your solution from.


series of yellow robots working in a row


From 6-axis robots to SCARA style, ATS has integrated thousands of robots. Let our experience deliver the right solution for you.


Close-up in the end of a needle showing a drop of fluid


We have delivered systems dispensing volumes ranging from pico-liters to milliliters, from biological materials to toxic chemicals.


HMI and a series of pushbuttons on a control panel of a machine

Control Systems

From PLC to HMI to MES-ERP integration, ATS has delivered over 23,000 systems globally and has unmatched controls capabilities.