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Software Systems

We have developed a wide range of software test products to meet all of your automation needs. Whether you require a system to help determine the qualities of your prototype in a laboratory or a fully automated system to validate your product prior to shipping, we can provide a test solution to meet your needs.

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We provide supervisory line controllers capable of handling complex processes, long term data storage solutions, and statistical analysis packages. Regardless of your automation needs, ATS has the software solution to ensure your product and production quality.

Test & Measurement Solutions

With over 20 years of experience creating test and measurement software, ATS has a number of different solutions to meet your needs. We have a broad range of device-specific software products, such as engine hot/cold test or transmission testing as well as fully customizable test executive packages available in both .NET™ and LabVIEW™.

Our software products boast:

  • a proven and reliable platform
  • extremely high data acquisition rates
  • superior execution speeds
  • built in signature analysis
  • unparalleled flexibility

Along with statistical analysis and long-term storage options, our software ensures not only the accuracy of your data but also that it will be available when you need it.

ATS SAMS™ Controller

The ATS SAMS (Sequenced Automation Manufacturing Solution) controller is a highly sophisticated supervisory line controller that is capable of easily handling highly complex manufacturing processes that are difficult for PLCs to handle. SAMS offers:

  • operator prompts and sign-ins
  • custom supervisor overrides
  • build recipe and maintenance
  • error proofing
  • traceability
  • effortless integration with corporate ERP or MES systems and databases

The ATS SAMS controller enables customers to independently maintain and update their manufacturing process while virtually eliminating downtime due to process changes.


The ATW OSCAR (Online System for Control, Analysis, and Reporting) system is ideally suited for collecting data from multiple and varied data processes and organizing it in a local database for report generation with common SPC and SQC analysis tools. The ATW OSCAR system provides long-term storage of process data for historical analysis and trending. The system also provides tools for machine monitoring such as up/down time, FTC, and OEE.


.NET™ and LabVIEW™ are not registered marks of ATS Automation; they are marks of the owners thereof.

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