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Interior Component Testing

Regardless of your level of test and measurement experience, we will work with you to develop the test methodology that is right for your product and environment.

automotive interior component assembly

Customized Testing Solutions

Whether you are performing prototype or durability testing in a lab or performing 100% testing in a 24/7 facility, we will provide the turnkey test solution that meets all of your needs. The unmatched flexibility of our systems means that you will be able to easily keep up with your changing needs. We have developed various test systems including:

  • Airbag testing
  • Center console functional test and vision inspection
  • Door module functional testing
  • Full functional seat testing
  • Headliner functional test and component detection
  • HVAC Modules functional test and component detection
  • Instrument panel functional testing using our standard multiplexing platform
  • Interior switch functional test using our standard multiplexing platform and vision inspection
  • PRNDL Lever functional testing
  • Seat track and motor testing
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