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Control Unit for Automatic & Double Clutch Transmission Test

Our ATW Neuwied division produces a control unit test system with the functionality, precision and level of automation to produce a 100% tested high-tech product.

automated transmission test system

Our test systems for Control Units preferred on the market

Knowing how to solve the biggest challenge of the test system is the simulation of the installed conditions (e.g., bolt forces, oil conditioning) and teach-in function of the pressure/flow characteristics of the control valves. We offer a unique solution with the following features:

Test Position

  • Test of the transmission control body over or under oil

Test Circuits

  • Modular test circuit design and installation (up to 20 circuits and options for more)


  • Modular hydraulic and electric product adaptation with adustable bolt simulation force of up to 220 kN

Oil conditioning

  • Controlled pressure, flow and temperature up to to 60 bar, 120 l/min and 20 – 120° oil temperature


  • 2 Station index table means load and unload during process time

Test Automation

  • ATW Standard Software for test automation with open architecture for customer create test plans

Data Handling

  • High Speed Data Acquisition and ATW data base system


  • Oil exhausting unit and limited oil contamination


  • More than 30 DCT mechatronic test rigs built


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Did You Know?

The world's leading manufacturers of Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) confidently turn to us for the assembly and test of hydraulic mechatronic control units.