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Transmission Control Body EOL Function Test Success Story

With the launch of a new generation of car transmission systems, the automotive industry required a state-of-the-art test technology for the implemented hydraulic mechatronic unit before it was attached to the gearbox.

gold automotive part attached to valve body


One of the big challenges was to simulate the installed conditions (e.g., bolt forces, oil conditioning) and to teach in the control characteristics.


  • ATW Standard Software for Test Automation and Data Acquisition
  • 2 Station index table (load/unload – test position)
  • Preloaded changeable multiport adaptation
  • Modular transducer – and valve – bank
  • Hydraulic unit to conditions the transmission fluid
  • Controllable test pressure up to 60 bar
  • Controllable flow up to 120 l/min (37.7 gal/min)
  • 19 test circuits (flow/pressure/temperature/voltage)
  • PC – controlled data acquisition and analyzing
  • Graphical user interface
  • Product identification and traceability record
  • Oil exhausting unit


  • ATW Standard Software for Test Automation and Data Acquisition
  • Metallic sealing without additional gasket
  • Realistic test conditions due to implementation of original pump and clutch
  • Adjustable 220 kN bolt simulation force
  • Controllable oil temperature, pressure and defined cleanness