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Engine Assembly Success Story

A major diesel engine manufacturer was launching a new product that required a flexible line to produce multiple family products in a batch of one production.

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Our client faced numerous challenges developing a complex process to assemble a variety of engines on a common line including all subassemblies in a sequenced build. Due to the product size, both operator ergonomics and automation interfaces were the prime considerations in meeting quality targets.


We developed a process that incorporated control over extensive model proliferation, including:

  • Forward Broadcast of real time work instructions to manual stations
  • Poka Yoke part selection for assembly
  • Bar Code scanning of incoming materials
  • RFID and Kitting applied to the main transport

To minimize repair costs with no a faults forward quality control we applied:

  • DC Torquing for all critical joints
  • In Process Verification after critical assembly operations
  • Multi circuit Leak Testing
  • Cold Test utilized in assembly process
  • Defect tracking with data collection


The client was pleased with the capabilities that the system provided and the process controls and quality improvement that resulted.

Our material handling solution fit the application with:

  • Heavy Duty Zoned Powered Roller Conveyor for Short Block assembly
  • LogiTrack AEM provided clean quiet controlled transport with two different carrier styles and onboard elevation change for optimum operator ergonomics
  • Automatic stations interfaced directly with AEM carriers
  • Sub-assemblies for cylinder head, piston etc., provided a feed to the main line conveyance with extreme flexibility in main line layout configuration
  • Grouped synchronous indexes provided control over production rate and takt time