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ABS Brake System Success Story

Anti-lock brake systems are of indisputable importance for vehicle safety. They can be found in modern cars through the whole range of various models and types. Manufacturers require that ABS device components be of the highest product quality and also regarding lot sizes.

automotive wheel with tire and rim and red caliper


We were challenged by the requirements that the total number of different assembly group types needed to be manufactured on the same production line. Our customers wanted us to address different components used in different numbers, all monitored by various kinds of tests during and after production and a totally automatic type change just by clicking the required type in the production management system.


We proofed competency in the entire field of technology during various projects. Many of them hold records in precision manufacturing or in shortest cycle times that were ever realized on the ATS SuperTrak™ conveyor-based production systems.


Our customer purchased a multi-year turnkey program of eight lines with a financial volume of about $100 Million.

Compared to conventional production systems, the technical details of the ABS Brake System program reads as a success story:

  • Cycle time reduced by 45%
  • Footprint of production line reduced by about 40%
  • Achieved output of 4 million parts per line and per year
  • Reduction of customer launch time of about 50%
  • Achieved OEE higher than 90%

The systems for the ABS component production are on three continents; the installed parts are working in vehicles all over the world.