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The most innovative area in vehicle development and production today is in electrification through Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Electric Vehicles (EV) and Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV).

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We are a leader in the design and build of our customers’ full electric hybrid motor assembly and test manufacturing systems to support the drive for improved fuel economy on a worldwide basis. These manufacturing systems produce advanced electric motors in the race for energy independence, vehicle electrification and a reduction in carbon emissions.

  • Full Rotor and Stator Assembly Systems
  • Integration of CNC Wire Forming & Die Based Wire Forming Systems
  • Integration of Wire Stripping, Twisters and Welding
  • Stator Slot Line Insertion
  • Integration of Stator Epoxy Ovens
  • Assembly of Permanent Magnet and Inductive Rotors
  • Rotor Balancing & Magnetization
  • Part Traceability, Data Storage, Data Manipulation
  • Automated Conditioning Stations
  • Automated End of Line Testers

We can join your Simultaneous Engineering Team adding engineering strength and lowering your cost.

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In-wheel electic drive innovation

Protean Electric is an award-winning technology company that has developed an in-wheel electric drive system for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric light-duty vehicles. 

In 2012, ATS was selected as a strategic partner supporting Protean Electric's plans to launch high volume production of their innovative technology.

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