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Supply Chain Management

Our global supply chain organization ensures all components of your transportation system meet your expectations.

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Total supply chain solution

Our sourcing process focuses on clear communication of technical requirements to ensure all requirements are met. We work with our suppliers on their quality and lead time management processes to ensure reliability of their output. In addition, we develop agreements and contingency plans to ensure we meet your goals. Our approach ensures that the supplier output meets the expectations of both your and our teams.

As the complexity of the products increase we modify our interaction and integrate aspects of our typical project execution into our supply chain. As such, the supply chain team may integrate members from other disciplines to bring knowledge as required.

Some of the key aspects of our supply chain management approach include:

  • Global sourcing and supply agreements
  • Supplier management in quality processes and continuous improvement
  • Product test plans
  • Technology partnership strategies
  • Make vs. buy analysis
  • Value-added engineering