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Precision Indexing Conveyors

Manufacturers of small components in the transportation sector find our standard precision indexing conveyor solutions well suited to high speed assembly.

square white parts blurred on a conveyor moving quickly


Compact system for high volume manufacturing


Precision link indexing conveyors are particularly well suited to high speed assembly of small components. Where high part count or assembly process complexity is involved, these chassis provide sufficient real estate to fit multiple stations side by side.

As most of the fixtures are located along linear sections, machines with this type of fixture transport have excellent visibility and provide good access for maintenance.

Whether driven by cam-controlled indexer or servomotor, fixtures are advanced with precision. Typically, no extra hardware is required to locate fixtured parts before an operation is initiated.

Depending on your project requirements, we can deliver one of our standard platforms (sortimat Jetwing™ indexing chassis or sortimat Spaceline™ indexing chassis), or a customized solution based on precision belt or chain indexers.



The precision indexing conveyor benefits include:

  • High dwell time and short index period
  • Can integrate with pneumatic, cam-controlled or servomotor actuated operations
  • Compact footprint; narrow frame width
  • Ability to mount station tooling inboard and outside of link/fixture
  • Different fixture sizes and index pitches available
  • Standalone controls enclosure or integrated into machine frame
  • Serial and parallel processing steps on same chassis