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ATS SuperTrak™ conveyor

The ATS SuperTrak conveyor combines programmable motion, clean design and fast speeds for the transportation sector.

side view of a programmable conveyor with the copper coils showing through behind the pallets

Synchronous, asynchronous & continuous motion pallet transfer on the same chassis

The ATS SuperTrakTM conveyor is a high-speed, flexible pallet transfer system. This unique system was developed in response to increasing needs for flexibility and process speeds. The combination of programmable motion, clean design and fast speeds make the ATS SuperTrak conveyor a desirable solution in many manufacturing applications.


The ATS SuperTrak conveyor benefits include:

  • High accuracy positioning reduces cycle time and hardware such as conventional lift and locate mechanisms, allowing longer process times
  • Individual control of each pallet allows for different cycle times and motion characteristics over the entire assembly process. This feature is well suited for long operations such as leak testing or liquid filling integrated to high speed systems.
  • Synchronous, asynchronous and continuous motion can be combined on the same platform, allowing integration with standard equipment such as packaging or labeling.
  • Multiple part types per pallet with selectable routing based on integrated part tracking. Ideal for flexible systems and integration of product changes or new part types.
  • Few moving parts, significantly reducing the potential of particulate generation
  • Optional protection covers make the ATS SuperTrak conveyor compatible with operations where splashing of liquids may occur

 See the ATS SuperTrak conveyor product specification for details.

Optimized Solution: Merging Best in Class Technologies

Where pure cam or linear servo is not enough, OmniTrak™ combines the best of both worlds. Conceived as a natural progression of ATS sortimat technology, this optimal platform combines the synchronous drive of the Spaceline™ chassis with asynchronous pallet movement provided by the programmable SuperTrak™ pallet transfer system.