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ATS Prolato™ Platform

The ATS Prolato platform combines the characteristics of the ATS Supertrak™ conveyor and the ATS ClickCell™ technology to provide 100% scalability and flexibility for the transportation sector.

automation system contained within gaurding with two pieces pulled out like puzzle pieces

In great system design the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Our current customers of this product have found their competitive edge by using a catalog of interchangeable assembly modules and by balancing their production volume worldwide with this plug and play technology.



Scalability & Flexibility

To remain competitive manufacturers must match their production capacity to meet the true customer demand. With the ATS Prolato platform this is possible with the Cap Ex investment. The ATS Prolato platform is 100% scalable and flexible. We can now offer prototype systems and machine upgrades while being able to scale the system up or down to meet varying production needs. Using the ATS Prolato platform our customer investments are reused throughout the equipment life cycle. From starting with prototype tooling to the full production system, the ATS Prolato platform helps customers plan their investment and scale their production to follow market demands.



Plug & Play

The ATS Prolato platform includes hot swap technology enabling quick changes of entire process stations e.g., for type changes or maintenance. The basic system offers many opportunities to incorporate or interchange a variety of different technologies and/or processes. This lets you unplug and move your automated stations, based on process needs or changes. The ATS Prolato platform makes this possible.



The proof is in the deployment. ATS has deployed multiple systems in the field to date. Contact us for testimonials and successes.