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Programmable Conveyor

Manufacturers in the sector can take advantage of our standard programmable conveyors that have the ability to make decisions based on particular conditions.

end of a programmable conveyor showing a group of plastic parts rotating 180 degrees

Flexibility & Control

Programmable conveyors have the ability to make decisions based on particular conditions. As the conveyor function is changed based on each condition, the system is able to optimize throughput, reduce waste and integrate future changes easier. 

We have integrated many programmable conveyors into our systems, including Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), monorail and powered roller systems like the ATS850™ clean room conveyor. Several companies include intelligence on their conveyors—but none match the ATS SupertrakTM conveyor on flexibility and control.

Programmable indexer conveyors

In a simple yet powerful way, a programmable indexing conveyor can add value to our solutions. Part fixtures on a belt are indexed in a queue to act as a buffer linking separate cells. Often, this solution links feeders with processing, improving feed rate consistency or access to the cells.

Programmable indexer conveyors can also provide component transport between pre-inspection station and a part load station. If any reject is detected, the conveyor can rapidly advance to present the next good part for assembly.

Programmable indexer benefits include:

  • Prevents cosmetic or mechanical damage to parts or assemblies
  • Maintains component orientation from infeed to assembly station
  • Links cells when access or system size is a challenge
  • Works well with robotic workcells or high-speed synchronous assembly systems