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Power & Free Conveyor

The sector can take advantage of our Power and Free Conveyors standard solutions that provide product conveyance to or between “islands of automation.”

two conveyors with small motors on rectangular pallets

Efficient means of oriented materials distribution

Power and free conveyors provide a means for advancing pallet fixtured products through a manufacturing system. Pallets are free to move, stop or accumulate along a continuously moving conveyor.

Palletized fixture transport on flat belt or multi-flexing chain enables flexible routing and accumulation. Often, manufacturing systems require product conveyance to or between “islands of automation” and this is role of power and free conveyors.

Power and free conveyors include means to queue stop or non-precision stop a pallet prior to a precision stop. Typically, the conveyor continues to run beneath the stopped pallet. Precision stops lift and locate pallet fixtures for accurate assembly, inspection, part loading or unloading tasks. When clean room requirements increase, we can use powered roller conveyors with zone control to avoid particle generation using our ATS850™ clean room conveyor.

We frequently integrate Power and Free Conveyors in our systems, providing benefits such as:

  • Maintain component or product orientation between workcells
  • Low cost means of oriented component distribution
  • Simple design with low maintenance interval and cost
  • Can be used to connect satellite machines with other modules