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Laser Integration

From laser ablation to welding, we have integrated hundreds of laser systems and developed a wide range of innovative laser processes for our customers.

We approach our systems by first understanding your needs—and then match them with the right laser products and our knowledge base to deliver solutions to your process challenges.


white enclosed machine with interface station and tinted glass to protect from lasers

We have the experience, global reach, and business scale to achieve your objectives via a robust solution. Our in-house resources have the expertise to:

  • Identify and establish feasibility of laser processes for your manufacturing needs
  • Assist and/or conduct process development
  • Integrate a machine at the cell or production line level as required to satisfy your process and needs

We also enjoy a global presence and have experience meeting global laser safety and regulatory compliance requirements.

Concepting Capabilities

We can recommend the right solution for your manufacturing need using our expertise and resources: 

  • Onsite laser laboratory—clean room, excimer ready, configurable to meet the needs of large laser systems
  • Extensive vendor and collaborator network 
  • Expertise and experience in conducting proof of principle studies
    • Identification of feasible laser technologies
    • Development of tooling
    • Measurement by vision and other tools
    • Design of experiments
    • Statistical analysis
  • Results: Innovative machines, robust solutions

Laser Process Capabilities

We have developed  a wide range of laser processing machines, from concept through process development to integration. Applications include:


We have experience with sophisticated laser systems and demanding optics implementations (granite tables, precision stages, thermal management).  Examples include:

  • Excimer polymide machining, ±0.5µm positioning tolerance between burn patterns, ±1µm pattern to pattern positioning tolerance over 30ft Roll. This machine was integrated with a high level of collaboration between the customer, laser vendor, and optics beam delivery system developer. We also conducted extensive feasibility and process development work.
  • Precision drilling of catheters and other components—percussion, trepanning.

Laser Marking

We routinely integrate laser markers for product identification (1d, 2d barcodes, text, etc.— stationary pallet or on-the-fly). Laser parameters are optimized for process speed and mark quality, keeping in mind the overall machine layout and tradeoffs. We source laser markers from various suppliers, including our own ATS Flexsys™ Laser product.

  • We have processed a variety of materials including aluminum, plastics, coatings, stainless steel.

Laser Ablation and Cutting

We have built numerous machines around material processing using laser ablation and cutting (web materials, plastics). Some interesting examples include:

  • Web processing machines using single to several laser processing stations for ablation, part reject marking, patterning, and excising segments. Some machines use a number of different laser technologies to meet the needs of the different process steps.
  • We have developed plastic coated aluminum foil lens packaging processed with a 30µm cut width and 300µm HAZ (Heat Affected Zone).
  • Various custom applications and materials have been investigated, for example laser cutting of calcium egg shells for egg harvesting.

Laser Welding

Laser welding, especially of plastics, is becoming an increasingly important laser process. Plastics welding is an increasingly important tool for manufacturing.