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Solar Testing Capabilities

Capturing data at speeds up to 2 million samples per second: ATS provides data resolution to calculate maximum power to exceptional accuracy. Working with industry leading pulse and continuous light source vendors; we provide IEC/ASTM class AAA testing capabilities to meet nearly any need.

  • Closed loop compensation using reference cell traceable to NIST/NREL
  • High Resolution (16 or 18 bit A/D) data acquisition
  • High Speed A/D: up to 2 million samples per second data capture rates
  • Light source flexibility to suit a variety of applications
    • Experience with top light source vendors
  • All data is exportable to MS-Excel or other statistical analysis software or SQL server
  • ATS willing to customize to specialized needs
  • Experience with: cSi, aSi, uSi, CdTe, CIGS, Multi-Junction Concentrator
  • Automation for material handling and automated electrical connection to solar module
  • Option: true 4-quadrant load provides the capability to perform PV module dark I-V measurements for research and troubleshooting

Further Capabilities

  • Light-beam induced current (LBIC) testing to map out performance across the surface of the solar product

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