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Proof of Principle Studies

We have developed the industry’s most comprehensive automation engineering resource base through delivering over 23,000 custom systems over 35 years to the world’s most demanding manufacturers.

We can leverage this broad technical knowledge base to offer clients factory automation services to support even the most sophisticated manufacturing projects. From offering simultaneous engineering during product development stages to supporting production operations, we have the expertise to help our clients design and implement an optimum manufacturing strategy.

Our broad single-source capabilities in test instrumentation and custom software enable us to design and build precisely the right solution for each customer’s application. Every phase of system design and manufacturing is accomplished in house by our team of engineers and technical specialists. At ATS, our people understand the rigors of manufacturing, and are dedicated to developing test systems that are extremely robust. The result is an exceptionally high level of reliability and data integrity. We go beyond simple pass/fail testing to offer in-depth failure analysis. Understanding why a part has failed enables our customers to isolate an address the root cause of the failure, optimizing the manufacturing process for higher throughput.

Our Designers and Engineers are trained to be able to solve the most demanding test applications. We will work with our customers through all aspects of the design process in order to ensure that the resulting equipment meets or exceeds expectations. If your application involves some form of instrumentation and/or data acquisition then we can be of service to you.

Available Services Include:


  • Simultaneous engineering
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Design for testability
  • Product debug, test & validation
  • Laboratory equipment


  • Proof of principle & prototyping
  • Engineering feasibility analysis
  • Statistical CpK, Gauge R&R & correlation studies
  • System design, program, build


  • Production Line Start-Up
    • Review & evaluations of existing production equipment
    • Process flow & cycle time optimization analysis
    • Documentation of procedures
    • Training & support