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Mechanical Expertise

Without proper fixturing, there is no way to determine if product variations are a result of the process or the test machine.

Our team of experts have vast experience designing test tooling. We are experts in process flow, leak testing, and designing tooling to meet peak performance characteristics.

Process Development

We offer comprehensive capability in fine and gross leak testing, as well as flow testing. Applying our proven expertise in automation systems, we incorporate diverse technologies to develop cost-effective test solutions for applications from solenoid valves to filter canisters to fuel cell plates.

Hydrostatic systems have specific requirements in terms of component selection, material selection, circuit design and tuning.  We have successfully implemented systems using, various fuel and water types.

Precision Test Tooling

An important part of the turnkey solutions we provide is our ability, based on our extensive experience in automation systems, to engineer test fixturing that performs with high precision and repeatability. Such levels of precision demand a custom approach in both the design and integration of unique fixturing for each individual test within the system.

Custom Leak Test Circuits

We offer a superior solution for decay style leak testing. Component selection as well as system and tooling design are essential elements and ATS has the experience and expertise required.

A Custom Leak Test Manifold Integrated directly into the leak test nest will provide a low test volume design with a thermally stable plastic to provide a more repeatable and reliable test.

Custom and high risk test seals are also part of ATS’ advantage.

The result is a total single-source test solution.