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Computerized Instrumentation

Our team is able to design data acquisition systems based on innovation developed through designing and building many testers.

Design Simulations

We provide rugged, robust shop-floor solutions that incorporate hardware and software innovations developed through designing and building numerous test systems. These systems are platform based custom designs that give maximum flexibility, and maintain a user-friendly configuration.

Our equipment is tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements utilizing many standards such as:

  • Integrating off the shelf Industry proven data acquisition boards from industry leading name brand companies
  • Integrating name brand high-performance, high-accuracy transducers
  • Using Industry standard power supplies to ensure great signal to noise ratio
  • Experience integrating all industry leading name brand vision systems
  • Integrating off the shelf, third-party, test equipment to suit specific test applications

Design for Signal Integrity

Signal integrity is paramount to retrieving test results which are Gauge capable. Our designers have vast experience in designing our systems to maximize signal to noise ratio, to ensure accurate test results, which meet and exceed stringent Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility (GR&R) requirements.

PCB Design

Many times a custom test solution will require some sort of custom circuitry. To ensure a turnkey offering, we offer expertise in designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards, for the purpose of custom test system circuits.