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ATS OEE Toolkit™ System

The ATS OEE Toolkit™ System is a powerful web-based reporting tool that monitors and tracks the performance of your automation system.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a measurement of how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized, and is based on equipment availability, performance, and quality. Accurately measuring your automation system’s OEE equips you with data to drive your operational performance—at ATS, we have the solution to help you with this.

ATS OEE Toolkit™ System

Being equipped with data on your current and historical system performance allows you to take appropriate action to maximize your productivity; being a web based system let's you remotely monitor your system from your office*, home*, or mobile device* allowing you to take action in real time to drive that performance.

The OEE dashboard provides an instantaneous overview of your system performance, including items such as:

  • OEE statistics
  • OEE component values
  • Faults
  • Rejects
  • Station by station performance summary
  • Value log with part specific data

When your automation system is equipped with the ATS OEE Toolkit System, you have the power of accurate information and data to drive your manufacturing performance.

* Where allowed by your company’s information access policies.

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