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High Speed Processing

We support our customers by increasing the productivity of their investment through equipment with higher throughput.

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Responding to high volume demands

Our technology offering includes several alternatives to approach high speed processing. Depending on your particular challenge we may use a variety of tools, including:

  • Cam-driven motion platforms
  • Multi-axis coordinated servo motion control
  • Closed-loop and active alignment motion control
  • Web handling in indexing and continuous motion
  • System analysis and simulation of dynamic conditions and bottlenecks
  • Process and Systems Engineering to supplement machine design

Engineering high speed into your process

Through our Pre Automation Solutions we can work with you to optimize a solution that balances business, strategic and manufacturing drivers. Our particular approach to collaborative design enables us to understand your requirements to enhance your manufacturing solutions and reduce your overall costs.

The value of our experience goes beyond equipment design. We can provide input into product and process design to reduce production costs and position your company for success.