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Knowledge Transfer & Training

Making sure that the people who are going to operate and maintain the equipment can do so efficiently and effectively so that equipment continues to operate at peak performance.

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We’ll transfer our knowledge to your employees who will be running the equipment. We start with a comprehensive audit of your employee skill-levels, identifying knowledge gaps and recommending the tools, training and resources your front-line staff will need over the long term.

The ATS Knowledge Transfer is much more than just training in that:

  • ATS is dedicated to making sure that your people who are going to operate and maintain your equipment can do so efficiently and effectively.
  • ATS can work with you to determine the skill of those who will operate and maintain your ATS equipment.
  • Once your operators and maintenance staff are identified, ATS will develop a training plan that will be executed in several phases.

Formal training by ATS qualified Trainers

Our professional instructors can provide hands-on training at your facility or at our dedicated 4,000 square foot world-class training facility in Cambridge, Ontario. We offer a variety of curriculums from customized to ATS standard courses.

The first step of the ATS Knowledge Transfer Philosophy:

  • This ATS training session is designed to build a solid basic knowledge (operation and maintenance) of your equipment.

OEM Mentoring – Phase 1

We can audit, mentor and empower your training staff, providing them with the knowledge, methodology and tools needed to train and equip their frontline personnel.

  • Objective: Builds upon the base knowledge about how to operate the equipment and keep it running.
  • Occurs during the equipment build and installation stages to expand the knowledge of your key staff.
  • Your personnel work with our team to gain more detailed knowledge of the equipment.
  • Our Instructor will help your employees learn in a structured controlled environment with real hands-on time at the machine.

OEM Mentoring – Phase 2

  • Occurs during the ramp-up phase during the difficult transitional time when operations takes ownership of the equipment and you are now in production.
  • Problem solving needs to be immediate—there is no need for your staff to waste time troubleshooting when they can easily contact us and return to full productivity.
  • ATS can be on-site during this period to further develop the knowledge of your team with the objective of your team becoming independent.
  • This approach provides a deeper mentoring experience so that staff can train others with confidence and use the learning content more effectively.

On Site Formal training by ATS qualified Trainers

Working closely with your team, we can provide the computer-based, workbench and hands-on training your staff needs to learn and retain critical operational, maintenance and technical system knowledge.

  • Objective: Provide the benefit of improved employee productivity and reduced overall cost of the training.
  • This type of training is conducted at your facility after the equipment is installed.
  • It allows you to maximize employees’ time and reduce costs by having the formal training delivered at your facility.

Train the Trainer

  • Objective: Not just to teach—but to instruct—people to be facilitators to ensure knowledge transfer to the students.
  • It is much more than just handing documentation over to you training staff.
  • ATS Instructors complement and work closely with your training staff.
  • Involves the building Course Structure, Time lines, Technical course material, presentations, delivery and feedback that is relevant and easy to understand.

Ramp-Up Support

We offer start-up coaching and on-site staffing to get you up and running and help you create and achieve production targets during ramp up.

  • Objective: Provide on-site support during the difficult transitional time when operations take ownership of the equipment and you move to production.
  • The ATS team member will bolster your technical support needs so that the response is immediate.

ATS can be on-site during this period to provide rapid troubleshooting solutions to any ramp-up issues.

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