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Step Change Improvements

When incremental improvements are not enough—we can help you explore a paradigm shift.


the next frontier

Some of our customers have set goals of doubling their capacity while maintaining their footprint or their throughput, but halving their headcount, or some combination. These types of challenges can’t be met with continuous improvement initiatives or doing more of the same. 

Today’s economic climate makes these goals highly desirable and attractive. 

breaking out of the mold

Our manufacturing experts can bring to your project the advantages of an outside view, experience gained from other customers and industries, and the innovative mindset that has led to many creative and customized solutions. 

Following a disciplined approach, we will:

  • Define your requirements and identify opportunities and constraints
  • Collect data and generate concepts for analysis
  • Predict whether the goals will be met using appropriate modeling
  • Prepare a recommended execution plan

Let us help you challenge your practices and thinking to discover feasible manufacturing step changes before you go to the bank. 

Achieving your goals makes us look good.
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