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Risk Reduction

Reducing production costs starts with thorough risk reviews and planning.

triangle graphic showing the connection of Budget, Schedule and Quality in the cost of a project 

Inherent Risks in any Project

Project success is dependent upon the relationship between and the management of the triple constraint: schedule, budget, and scope. Your projects may have more constraints, depending on your particular corporate culture and operating environment. But all projects are at risk because of things like:

  • Incomplete product design
  • Failure to design product for assembly or high volume manufacturing
  • Lack of awareness of “best practices” in manufacturing methodology, technology or automation
  • Lack of consideration for supporting, or related, systems or infrastructure
  • Over- or under-sizing a solution
  • Identifying an inappropriate or inadequate solution
  • Not “valuing” the solution correctly, or at all
  • Poor understanding of requirements for:
    • Product
    • Process
    • People
    • Equipment
    • Environment

Each of these risks can adversely impact your ability to achieve your project’s goals.

The impact of risk

Unmitigated risk can take the form of delayed market entry and lost market share, unplanned investment, or sacrifices in deliverables. We want to help you to avoid these undesirable outcomes. Executing a design for manufacturability (DFM) or design for assembly (DFA) study, for example, can minimize scale-up and commercial production problems.  Selecting a manufacturing plan based on a sound business case and thorough analysis can result in more accurate budget estimates and schedules. Using appropriate methodology, analytics, and modeling, our team of manufacturing and automation experts will do the pre-work necessary to identify risks and pre-emptive plans.

mitigating risk early

By taking the time at the beginning of a project—even before you commit to a facility or equipment or staffing—to uncover the unknowns and anticipate the risks, we can help you achieve success. Resources invested early and wisely will reduce the impact of changes later. Our desire is to help you accomplish your budget, schedule, and scope goals as originally established.
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