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Product Introduction

Your product idea is innovative and has market potential, but is it ready for manufacturing in any significant volumes?

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Product Design

Launching a new product can be fraught with challenges. Often the first challenge is evolving the product design to the point where it can be made at an attractive cost. As automation and manufacturing experts, we have worked with customers to advance their R&D product concepts to reduce risk when preparing for manufacturing by:

  • Performing design for manufacture (DFM) and assembly (DFA) reviews
  • Investigating alternative materials and technologies
  • Executing proof of principle (POP) and design of experiment (DOE) studies

Manufacturing Plan

With a product design suitable for high volume production, our design teams can begin to identify manufacturing solutions that address your key stakeholders’ requirements, like meeting anticipated forecasts, achieving cost targets, and satisfying specific quality levels. Together we can explore the impact of geographic location, labor philosophy, Greenfield vs plant expansion, and in-house or contracted activities. With qualitative and quantitative analysis, we can narrow in on plans and budgets that you can afford now and expand into as demand grows.

Securing Investment

A robust product design and a manufacturing plan are elements in securing the investment you need to prepare for launch. But we can also help you prepare an analysis of the operational finances associated with your recommended plan. Comparing the production costs resulting from each considered plan demonstrates due diligence and provides the business rationale for your final proposal.

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