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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

There may be opportunities to increase your productivity by optimizing the performance of your current assets.


Measuring Performance

OEE is a measure of how productive your equipment is. The reality is that your performance is influenced by more than your equipment. You can also consider your operating methods or interactions, raw materials or components, operator or technician skills and behaviors, measurement systems, and operating environment. All of these elements result in your Overall Process Effectiveness (OPE). When planning your production schedule or identifying areas of focus for improvement, it is OPE that should be measured.

Improving Performance

It is not unheard of for a plant to have an OEE of 75-85% but an OPE of only 35-50%. By focusing on OEE alone, you may improve equipment performance to 80-90% but that’s not the end of the story. We can help you uncover opportunities that will result in higher yields, throughput and availability. Opportunities like:

  • Reduced or modified in-process sampling practices
  • Reduced or modified line clearance practices
  • Improved line loading
  • Re-balanced flow (in a flow process situation) or line (in a paced process situation)
  • Increased visibility and messaging
  • Improved work station reliability, repeatability, access, set-up, etc.
  • Updated operating methods and/or task assignments
  • Re-considered component designs and/or introduction/presentation to the process
  • Redefined metrics and data collection
Working together, we can collect, analyze and interpret your OPE data and develop executable recommendations. Why settle for 35% when you could achieve 65% or better?
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