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Representing and challenging information visually aids in developing and demonstrating comprehensive recommendations.

man sitting at a computer with a mechanical part in his hand as reference

A picture is worth a thousand words

Often the results of analysis can be difficult to interpret. And word pictures don’t necessarily clarify an idea. But creating a visual representation can help to explain an idea or the implications of a proposed change. We use a variety of modeling tools to:

  • Uncover weaknesses in a particular concept
  • Anticipate performance
  • Demonstrate a possible solution for decision makers and/or investors

Exposing areas for improvement

We use state-of-the art software design tools to generate to-scale drawings and images of parts of equipment, lines, plant floors, etc. Our highly-experienced pre automation and manufacturing specialists can use these to assess how well a potential solution considers:

  • Environment
  • Organizational design
  • Adjacencies and interfaces
  • Staffing and material movements
  • Operational and WIP policies and procedures including raw material and finished product storage
  • Controls architecture and data management
  • Design elements including tolerances and clearances

If a shortcoming is identified, the idea can be modified or discarded. In this way, we can help you identify improvements before a final commitment is made.

Predicting results

We frequently use simulations and animations to help our design teams challenge their machine concepts. We also use them so that our customers can “see” the behavior of a specific option.

Simulations can predict staffing levels, throughput, and replenishment quantities and frequencies, and prove out high risk design elements well before materials are purchased and metal cut. Animations can portray the look and feel of a contemplated system design and the evolution of a product as it moves through its various assembly stages.

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions before you make any financial commitments so that you can reap a larger return on your investment.

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