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"Know-why" can open doors to completely new and innovative solutions and reap greater awards.

graph showing that as development of a system advances the cost of making changes increases

“Know-how” is the practical and tacit information we acquire over time that helps us implement things. Your company’s operational policies and practices are part of your team’s collective “know-how.” For example, if you have historically addressed increased product demand by adding a duplicate production line, then you are likely to do so again, because you know how to do that. But, in today’s economic times, is “know-how” enough?


“Know-why” represents the reasons supporting what we do or how something works. In appreciating “know-why,” we can satisfy ourselves that a particular course of action is the right course of action before we act on it. We can explain and justify our decisions, plans, or goals because they inherently deliver our purpose. But just as importantly, ‘know-why” can discourage us from discarding ideas simply because they do not fit into our “know-how.”

starting with “know-why”

We want to help you develop “know-why” before you define your project. Your goals may be clear, e.g., cost reduction, new product introduction, productivity improvement, but there are many ways to achieve the goal. By evaluating possible solutions from the view point of “know-why,” we can work together to identify the optimal path before you make significant capital investment. From establishing key stakeholder requirements to simulating the performance of a proposed manufacturing platform, we can assist you in developing and challenging possible solutions on paper so that you can confidently recommend a specific project for approval.
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