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Greenfield Planning

Whether you are considering a new plant, a plant expansion or a new manufacturing suite and line(s), we can help you develop your facility concept.


Laying the groundwork

Sometimes the solution to your growth forecast is a new facility or manufacturing line. This can be a very exciting but challenging path. But with appropriate investigation and planning, it can also be exceptionally rewarding.

The manufacturing experts at ATS can help you and your team develop your design criteria and then plan a facility layout optimized for manufacturing efficiency and anticipated future expansion without business interruption. The success of your manufacturing operations is more than process equipment so we need to map out:

  • Location and geographic and/or geopolitical implications
  • Core and support departments and services
  • Space and adjacency requirements
  • Infrastructure
  • People and material movements
  • Access, maintenance, waste, and cleaning routes
  • Room classifications, pressure differentials, and air flow directions
  • Process, product, and operational constraints

The conceptual development scheme will provide you and your management team with a detailed understanding of the project scale, cost and timing.

equipping the space

Your need may be for a new manufacturing system or suite rather than a Greenfield facility. Many of the Greenfield design considerations apply, but we can also help with the greater granularity appropriate at a line level.  Using modeling tools like simulation, we can represent proposed equipment and layouts and run scenarios to predict:

We can also help with establishing budgets and calculating production costs associated with different layouts and/or equipment. Bringing to bear whatever qualitative or quantitative tools and analysis are appropriate, we can help you arrive at the optimal line design.
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