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Cost Reduction

Your goals are rarely related to new automation. More likely you want to reduce the cost of manufacturing your product.

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Product Cost Build-up

As automation providers, we have been asked by many customers to improve capital investment utilization as a means to decreasing product cost. Equipment price reductions or more throughput for the same price, or overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvements for capital equipment are common challenges. 

However, equipment is not necessarily the major offender. Our pre automation and manufacturing specialists have a full appreciation of the various production cost elements that can be attributed to your product.

Working with you and your team, we can identify the top contributors and begin to explore opportunities for reducing these.

automation and beyond

Whether your cost reduction goal is small, incremental improvements, or a step change, we will help you generate cost saving ideas from the beginning to the end of your process. Our focus won’t stop at the equipment but will include:

  • Materials
  • Methods
  • People
  • Measurement
  • Operating environment

A thorough evaluation will result in reduced risk and a short list of recommendations ready for implementation. Together, we can drive your product costs down.

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