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Business Case Development

In today's economy, sound business evaluation of potential investments is critical.


wise choices

With the advances in science and technology, access to information, and globalization, the variety and quantity of options open to a business have greatly increased. But so have the pressures to implement change on tight time frames and to exercise financial restraint. So how do we make the smart choices, addressing the business need to lay the appropriate groundwork for making informed decisions while reining in the urge to rely on intuition and “know-how” and to start spending?

due diligence

ATS has worked collaboratively with many life sciences customers, aiding them in identifying smart manufacturing and capital investment plans. We can help you explore in more detail the possibilities and risks associated with competing ideas, refining them to improve return on investment, schedule, feasibility, future-proofing, product design and robustness, error-proofing, and other relevant parameters. 

We have the tools to help you compare the financial implications of higher potential plans and the total cost contribution of each to the finished product cost. Once the preferred solution is identified, we can work together to develop the associated implementation strategy and schedule.

documented proof

Let us help you execute a business study that results in a report for your senior management team documenting your due diligence. With confidence, you can recommend a course of action complete with analysis and conclusions, assumptions, conditions, unresolved gaps in information, decisions and rationale, mitigations, and any other relevant information. You’ll be able to demonstrate that not only have you considered the immediate need but that you have anticipated and planned for the future.

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