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new factory with empty floor space

Greenfield Plant Engineering Study

Significant manufacturing capacity for a new facility

We included everything the client needed to make a strategic decision.

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person making updates or reviewing a production schedule diagram

Equipment design review & FMEA

We validated the business case and evaluated the concept

Business plan approved for design/build of new automation.

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people around a table reviewing charts and reports

Manufacturing Strategy

Customer expected increased demands for their product

Implementation plans addressed business interruption & inventory build.

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graph showing 3 concepts and reporting the total cost of ownership results

Step Change for Cost Reduction

TCO analysis compared multiple options

Each option projected a product cost lower than customer’s expectations.

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simulation, plant layout diagram

OEE Improvement

Increasing daily output and performance consistency

We prepared a proposal for the support & tools to manage & increase OEE.

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desk top with a variety of papers and drawings including sample product parts

New Product Concept with Volume

Design changes and minimum capital expenditure required

Design for Manufacturability & Automation tools refined process alternatives.

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man with headset sitting at a monitor providing online support to a facility

24/7 support for 20 US locations

Thousands of hours of equipment downtime prevented

Remote access, data collection & fault tracking allows for prompt response.

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two people discussing design simulations on a computer screen

Pre Automation Solutions

Providing strategic direction and planning services for every aspect of your manufacturing environment.

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trainer and trainee on the shop floor discussing automation equipment

Post Automation Support

We've got you covered—from spare parts and time-critical support, to knowledge transfer and documentation.

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