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We are regularly creating new and innovative manufacturing systems. Explore our video library to see some of our best-in-class technology in action, and gain insight into our high performance automation and service solutions.

ATS SuperTrak™ Conveyor
Conveyors | Products | Life Science | Transportation | Energy | Consumer & Electronics | Contract Manufacturing
The ATS SuperTrak™ conveyor system is a revolution in high-speed pallet transport. With this system, the direction, acceleration, speed and position of each individual pallet are totally programmable.
sortimat Clearliner™ Handling Technology
Handling | Products | Life Science
sortimat Clearliner™ clean room handling technology feeds parts rapidly, smoothly and precisely to the production process and removes them again with the same care and speed once assembled—regardless of whether you use trays or pallets.
Pre Automation Solutions
We leverage the broad technical knowledge base in ATS to help you develop the optimum manufacturing strategy. We look at ways to achieve optimized product and manufacturing process design, faster time-to-market, superior project return on investment (ROI), and lowest manufacturing costs to name a few.
Post Automation Solutions
The strong loyalty of ATS customers is not just a result of the innovative systems we build, but of our commitment to providing world-class service and technical support. ATS is your integrated supply source for all systems and machine components, both industry-standard spare parts and those we manufacture in house.
Predicting Plant Performance
ATS has vast experience with modeling operations and material flows by creating detailed maps to determine system accessibility. We also specialize in improving OEE on existing lines. By working together, we can collect, analyze and interpret your OPE data and develop executable recommendations. Why settle for 35% when you could achieve 65% or better?