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Vibratory Type Success Story

A world leading global manufacturer of injection molding machines, robotic systems, complex production cells and other peripherals for efficient injection molding, approached sortimat for feeding and presenting two somewhat different parts to a mold for an electrical device assembly.

vibratory type feeder with many metal parts being fed


The challenge was to sort two different parts, both in shape as in function and in feed rate. One part is a steel disc which was impossible to sort and orient in a bowl feeder and required to be fed at a rate of 16 parts per minute. The other parts were the electrical contacts which required to be fed at 25 parts per minute.

Additionally there were two different models of discs and contacts which required to be fed from the same equipment, of course with a short changeover.

The process required the discs to be presented in sets of four (4) and matched with sets of eight (8) electric contacts, and required the inclusion of vibratory storage hoppers to store parts and increase the machine autonomy.


As mentioned before, sorting and orienting flat discs in a vibratory bowl is impossible. Therefore sortimat FT added a vision system, a camera, lights and processing, and a vibratory nest to assist in the sorting and orienting of the parts. Once in the correct orientation parts were transferred to a- four (4) up escapement to match them with the electrical contacts prior to positioning them correctly for the molding process.


The discs are being fed through a vibratory bowl feeder and oriented via a vibratory nest and a vision system. They are being turned in the correct position and escaped by sets of four parts, and matched with the output of another vibratory bowl feeder feeding eight(8) contacts (2x4 pairs). These matched sets are being fed to the molding machine accurately and the cycle time required by the customer.