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ATS850™ Clean Room Conveyor HDD Success Story

A major hard disk drive manufacturer needed higher accuracy on repeatable pallet stops.

hard disk drive moving along an ATS850 conveyor


A major hard disk drive manufacturer wanted to customize the conveyor length and motor configuration to attain higher accuracy on repeatable pallet stops. The requirements had tight tolerances, limited floor space, and environment cleanliness—to match the Clean Room Class 10 standard. The entire process required a detailed sequence.


Our engineers analyzed the entire system layout and conferred with the customer to understand the assembly process, the part details, and the overall complexity of the application. The client supplied pallets and product samples for us to customize the ATS850 convyeor for a perfect match.

Proof of Concept

We designed a proof of concept and a demonstration unit so that the client could test the performance of the conveyor and experience the flexibility it offers for possible future part and manufacturing process changes. The client liked the configurability of the length and width of the ATS850 conveyor.

Specific technology

Different conveyor lengths were selected to match the machine layout without any special modification—even in sections where the number of motors did not match a specific multiple. The ATS850 conveyor has the ability to control multiple motors with a single control card. The Smart Zone card allowed certain zones to be controlled by the many machine controls while other conveyor sections ran independently because of the collision avoidance features.

The Smart Zone Conveyor control card allows for several inputs and the implementation of an additional sensor to ensure accurate repeatable pallet stops.


We travelled to the client’s site to provide hands-on training and answer their questions about the system. Our client was pleased with the higher stopping accuracy for all work zones and the external assembly processes controlled by the equipment that ran smoothly with ensured repeatability. Additionally, other conveyor zones worked as buffering zones where pallets could queue to maximize process efficiency and output rate.