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Vibratory Bowl Feeders Product Specification

Our vibratory bowl feeders use rugged electromagnetic drives with variable amplitude controllers that adjust the feed rate to match the yield rate of the assembly line.


Vibratory Bowl Feeders are used in industrial automation to feed individual parts that are oriented while they travel on the circumference of the bowl and on the outlet track.

We have extensive experience supplying bowl feeders to the pharmaceutical, life sciences, automotive, electronic, food and packaging industries.

Our Vibratory Bowl Feeders are made of stainless steel and are hard-wearing. The surface is coated with polyurethane to:

  • minimize the wear and tear on parts and metal surfaces
  • reduce the noise
  • ensure a constant feed rate though the life of the equipment

The SM Type

The SM Type is a bowl used to separate and orient relatively small and complex parts.

See technical specifications for more detailed info

The SMB type

The SMB type is preferred for its higher feed rate; it operates rapidly and smoothly. The helical channel expanding from the bottom of the bowl towards the outlet tracks assist in the orientation of the part as it climbs along the edge. It is ideal for sorting parts with simple external contours, such as bolts, pins, screws and springs with sealed ends.

See technical specifications for more detailed info

The SMKF Type or Conical

The SMKF Type or Conical are particularly well suited to flat, simple, disc-shaped parts made from metal, plastic or rubber, as washers gaskets, seals and O-rings.

See technical specifications for more detailed info

ATS sortimat Vibratory bowl feeder drives feature integrated damper modules, and are exceptionally quiet, maintenance free and high-performance. The drives are available with a choice of power ratings and in various diameters, and are tailored to each feeder model.

See technical specifications for more detailed info


ATS sortimat HAB cylindrical sound-insulating cylindrical hoods

These come in various sizes to suit all the diverse models. Built with rolled stainless steel with 30 mm of high-quality cladding, they include transparent top-hinged covers that allow the user to see inside the bowl. They also include access baffles to quickly empty the feeder for cleaning or service.

drawing of a cylindrical sound insulation hood on a feeder

ATS sortimat HBB rectangular sound-insulating rectangular enclosures

These are comprised of an aluminum frame with white PVC surfaces, and 30 mm of high-quality cladding. Transparent top-hinged covers maintain visibility within the feeder, and removable side panels allow access to the feeder for servicing, cleaning, or changing parts.

All sound hoods and enclosures can be built to meet stringent Clean Room ratings required by the medical industry.

drawing of a rectangular sound insulation hood on a feeder