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Rotating Drum Feeders Product Specification

Our Drum Feeders are ideal for complex and delicate parts. They are particularly effective for safely transporting small to medium size, unstable parts that can easily entangle or statically charge.

Feed, Sort & Orient

Exceptionally quiet, Drum Feeder systems simultaneously feed, sort and orient large quantities on one or multiple linear tracks, saving time and space, in accordance with the size and nature of the parts to be fed.

The size selection for the drum and its diameter is determined by the part shape, part size and the feeding rate required. A bayonet fastening mechanism makes this unit particularly user-friendly, enabling the drum to be removed for cleaning.

Our Rotating Drum Feeders are made from robust stainless steel and durable plastic, coated with polyurethane resin to extend the surface durability.

See technical specifications for more detailed info