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Elevators Product Specification

sortimat SME elevators are high-performance recharging systems. They store parts to provide greater autonomy to feeder systems, while maintaining the feeders with the right amount of parts for optimal performance and are ideal for parts of all shapes and sizes.

They transport components upwards to the next machine in the production line. A major advantage is that they bring a low filling height, reducing operator stress and risk while expanding to a large capacity ensuring your assembly system is kept up and running at all times.

With the right belt, all kinds of parts can be fed with precision – from lightweight plastic to heavy steel. The input and output height, drive system, funnel capacity and usable elevator width are all tailored to your product’s specific requirements.

The Medical Device rated elevators (medical) are made from stainless steel double welded and deburred, suitable for cleanrooms. In these models the Hopper is coated with a poly-urethane film and the belt is also built with Poly-urethane fabric for FDA approval.

Elevators can be equipped with casters that can be locked in position, or with leveling feet for fixed installations.

See technical specifications for more detailed info