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sortimat Birkman™ feeder technology

Our feeder technology delivers tried and tested, one-stop solutions—of the highest quality, on time, and precisely tailored to meet your unique requirements.

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Standardized systems

Our advanced technology machines for sorting, transporting and separating parts are the solution to today's evolving production challenges. These machines will help your assembly processes become faster, better and more innovative in a cost effective manner.

We use standard modules to give you greater flexibility, fast turn around and strict compliance to your unique requirements. We can deliver a single component or a complete turnkey system—whether you manufacture vehicles or watches, electronic goods or plastics, medical or pharmaceutical devices, food products, or microchips in clean room environments.

Attention to detail

Sometimes, details seem insignificant. But often, they are the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful product. We understand that you have unique, often complex requirements. We are committed to:

  • providing you with machines that reposition incorrectly oriented parts
  • reducing the wear and tear on sensitive components
  • providing the flexibility to vary the cycle rate
  • adding or integrating vision systems

We pay close attention to detail so that you can safely secure the success of your production processes.

Product Overview

sortimat Birkman™ Feeder Technology

The sortimat Birkman feeder technology integrates multiple solutions from receiving the parts to presenting them in the right position at the assembly line. These are made-to-measure, turnkey feeder systems.

Vibratory Bowl feeders

Our bowl feeders store, convey and sort multiple parts of many shapes and sizes in diameters ranging from 100 mm to 800 mm:

Rotating Drum feeders

Rotating Drum feeders are ideal for feeding small, unstable parts that can easily entangle or statically charge. Rotating Drum feeders handle parts gently occupying a very small footprint.

Step feeders

Step feeders separate and transport parts through a series of steps. Parts are sorted and oriented on the linear tracks. Robust, quiet and low-maintenance step feeders are ideal for long and thin parts using less space than vibratory bowl feeders.

Linear vibratory conveyors 

Commonly known as linear tracks, linear vibratory conveyors transfer parts between the feeder and the production system.


Shaft feeders

Robust, rapid, and easy to use, shaft feeders ensure uninterrupted, reliable operation, and are easy to integrate. They feed parts efficiently minimizing wear and tear.


Vibratory hoppers and belt hoppers hold large quantities of parts and guarantee the automatic, uninterrupted recharging of feeding units.


Elevators are an ideal solution for moving large volumes of parts from storage hoppers with low filling heights, and help guarantee machine autonomy.

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Did You Know?

In 1959, Walter Creuz founded sortimat and produced the first sortimat vibratory bowl feeder.