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sortimat Clearliner™ model 1000 Handling Technology Product Specification

The sortimat Clearliner™ model 1000 handling technology is ideal for Euro Standard Pallets up to 1000 mm by 1200 mm (ISO Pallets).

This Clearliner model 1000 solution includes loading units that remove trays from pallets, and pick-and-place units that remove components from trays. The tray handlers are available both with and without a dedicated conveyor. In addition, they are suitable for clean rooms rated ISO 7 (class 10,000).

large stainless steel tray handling system

large white tray handling system

All models are available in either full stainless steel finish or with a powder coated paint finish.

sortimat Clearliner 1000 product spec


CL 1000: Integrates feed-in and feed-out conveyors for pallets, which allow buffering of pallet stacks for greater autonomy, and offers a tray change time of less than 6 seconds.

CL 1000 S: Offers the added benefit of no tray change time for continous operation.

large tray handling system which opens for multiple stacks of trays

CL 1000 T: Uses floor guides for forklift feed-in and feed-out reducing the overall cost and footprint, with a tray change time of less than 6 seconds. The model CL 1000 TS offers the added benefit of no tray changing time.

CL 1000 FTS: Allows the use of multiple pallet bays, and can be positioned perpendicular to the assembly line allowing for buffering of multiple pallet stacks. This Clearliner model offers the possibility of uninterrupted pallet exchange and a minimum tray operating time of 25 seconds.  If equipped with a double tray plate, there would be no tray exchange time allowing for continuous transfer of parts.

Tray handling system with large infeeds to handle a pallet of trays

large tray handling system capable of handling a pallet of trays