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ATS SuperTrak™ Modular Conveyor System

The ATS SuperTrak conveyor system is a revolution in high-speed pallet transport that delivers greater capability and flexibility, optimum performance, and overall higher return on your automation investment.

Fully Programmable—True Flexibility 

Fully programmable, the ATS SuperTrak conveyor precisely controls the pallet direction, acceleration, speed, and position at any point around the system and eliminates hard stops and pallet-to-pallet contact. The ATS SuperTrak system facilitates auto-queuing at workstations and the built-in pallet ID eliminates the need for external Radio Frequency (RF) or mechanical pallet tags.

Modular Design—Reusable

The ATS SuperTrak conveyor’s simple, modular design does not require additional sensors, actuators or mechanical drives, so that reconfiguring for new applications is as simple as setting new commands. System configuration and pallet carrier routing can be reprogrammed “on the fly,” and retooling is greatly simplified because there are no lift and locates and less auxiliary equipment than on conventional systems.

The ATS SuperTrak conveyor’s ability to handle various pallet sizes allows for multiple programs on one line, facilitating shorter build-on-demand runs and the production of families of components with varying geometries.

Fast cycle and short index times

Using the SuperTrak pallet such as an integrated x-axis operation eliminates the need for lift and locate, lift and transfer, and auxiliary pick and place devices and reduces cycle times to an absolute minimum. Unloaded or fully loaded pallets can move independently between process stations at full acceleration.


The integrated position feedback system allows precise indexing of the pallets with a Stop-Repeatability of + 0.01 mm. This feature provides high accuracy positioning of the pallets for delicate assembly processing in a single station.

More tooling options

The unique cantilever pallet design allows full multi-sided access to pallets and fixtures. Tooling can work simultaneously above and underneath the pallets, enabling on-pallet assembly without the need for transfer devices.

Extremely clean and quiet

The ATS SuperTrak conveyor’s carrier roller design significantly reduces the risk of contamination common with conventional belt- and chain-type conveyors. This makes the ATS SuperTrak conveyor’s operation extremely clean and quiet at low noise levels of less than 70 dB.

Compact footprint

The ATS SuperTrak conveyor allows for the highly efficient use of tooling and the integration of other processes in line with the pallet movement. For example printing and dispensing of glue or sealants use a fraction of the space required by conventional conveyor-based systems.

Long service life

Linear motor technology reduces the number of movable and wearable parts ensuring long service life.

Optimized Solution: Merging Best in Class Technologies

Where pure cam or linear servo is not enough, OmniTrak™ combines the best of both worlds. Conceived as a natural progression of ATS sortimat technology, this optimal platform combines the synchronous drive of the Spaceline™ chassis with asynchronous pallet movement provided by the programmable SuperTrak™ pallet transfer system.

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  • ATS SuperTrak™ Modular Conveyor System

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The next generation SuperTrak™ conveyor technology - GEN 3 - RELEASED 2014

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See the ATS SuperTrak™ conveyor and the sortimat Spaceline™ platform working in unison, as the optimized OmniTrak™, to deliver the ultimate assembly automation platform with industry leading flexibility, modularity, and performance.

Did You Know?

The ATS SuperTrak conveyor has been installed/in use since 2002.

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