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vision system with red light

Imaging Meets Precision Demands

ATS SmartVision™ software for medical components

We generated positional information & simplified robot programming.

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solar panels

Quality Control in Solar Panels

ATS SmartVision™ software analyzed every pixel

We reduced scrap rate and improved operator efficiency.

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ATS SuperTrak™ GEN3

Unprecedented conveyor performance featuring high speed, high precision, modularity, flexibility in a package that reduces overall footprint and operates in nearly any environment.


LogiTrack automated electrified monorail transferring engines through assembly operations.

LogiTrack™ Automated Electrified Monorail

The LogiTrackTM automated electrified monorail (AEM) is well suited for transporting heavy workloads through assembly operations.                                                        


both models of the cortex vision inspection hardware

ATS Cortex™ System

Complete hardware that integrates in one box cameras, lighting, I/O and PLC interface along with ATS SmartVision™ software that combines high-performance, platform independent vision engine with an easy-to-use interface. This all-in-one system reduces integration time.


person sitting at a desk looking at a monitor with a graph, manufacturing environment in the background

Illuminate™ Factory Floor Management System

The Illuminate™ Factory Floor Management System is a powerful web-based reporting tool that monitors and tracks the performance of your automation system.


ATS SuperTrak™ Micro Transport Platform

SuperTrak™ Micro solves issues associated with small batch or single piece part flows with an unmatched combination of flexible and high speed performance.


stainless steel clearliner handling systems in a row

sortimat Clearliner™ Handling Technology

A new generation of tray handlers for rapidly feeding large quantities of delicate and fragile parts in clean room environments class 10,000 and up.


Automation system with screen captures of the SmartVision software

ATS SmartVision™ Software

ATS SmartVision software is a significant breakthrough in cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and customization in vision. 


two feeders a part of an automated system with many small metal products being fed

Success Stories

Companies in all sectors are using our automation products to create highly effective manufacturing automation solutions.


ATS OmniTrak

Optimal Solution: ATS OmniTrak™

The ATS OmniTrak™ combines the synchronous drive of the Spaceline chassis with asynchronous pallet movement provided by the SuperTrak pallet transfer system.


sortimat workliner product with handling trays being fed into it

sortimat Workliner™ Tray Handling Technology

Full-featured line for tray handlers for the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets to feed large quantities of parts or subassemblies that cannot be fed in bulk. 


blue blur from movement with small parts in the feeder

sortimat Birkman™ feeder technology

Our standard feeding technology is tailored to your exact requirements; this lets you reap the benefits of cost-efficient, future-proof and flexible solutions.