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Solid Dose Filling & Packaging Line Success Story

A manufacturer of a common pain reliever required a new production line for a novel package design.

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Our customer’s proposed package design had unique design elements that were not easily accommodated by readily available solid dose filling and packaging equipment. To offset the increased components’ costs due to the nature of some of the package features, the new production platform would have to:

  • Produce finished product with zero defects
  • Increase overall equipment effectiveness
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Deliver reduced operational costs


Our customer initially approached ATS Pre Automation Solutions to identify and assess a variety of packaging line concepts. Through the use of tools like simulation, animation, and Total Cost of Ownership, we recommended a concept that satisfied the various performance requirements. We also provided the associated User Requirement Specifications based on the knowledge gained through this process.

Our customer then selected us to design and supply the recommended system. To keep engineering and development costs to a minimum, we used commercial filling and packaging equipment wherever possible. We designed custom automation for areas with unique requirements. We also performed proof of principle work to reduce risk with the custom elements. Simulation was continually used to predict line OEE as the line design evolved.

As the prime contractor, we managed the performance of the third party suppliers. We designed a controls architecture that accommodated the different third party hardware and software components and provided a cohesive data communication system integrated with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Drawing on our material handling experience, we used a combination of flat belt conveyors, rotary dials and nests, roller conveyor and pallets to transport and track product as it moved through the line.


We delivered a fully integrated, high speed, solid dose filling and packaging line that met all of our customer’s requirements. The controls architecture provided a common look and feel to all integrated pieces of equipment, plus product tracking and data association for each individual bottle.

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