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Egg Harvesting Success Story

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to improve the design of their egg harvesting equipment to improve the GMP compliance and reduce cleaning and setup time.

two people working on a shiny metal automated system


Our client was looking for an automation partner to help develop a state of the art egg harvesting equipment that meets the stringent GMP requirements within the industry. Their current equipment and most standard offerings did not provide the high level of GMP design required and did not give the customer the flexibility required for their production needs. Our customer also wanted to develop a strategy where they could minimize cleaning/maintenance time in their clean room and increase the overall availability of the equipment for production.

The key performance indicators for the project were:

  • Throughput: ≥ 22,000 eggs/hr
  • Total Fluid Collection:  ≥ 90%
  • Cleaning Time: ≤ 3hrs/day


We took the following steps to address our client’s challenges:

  • Completed an engineering study to develop complete specifications and equipment concept.
    • Understand our customer’s requirements and needs through joint reviews of equipment specifications. We challenged the content and worked together to develop an overall equipment specification that was achievable, measurable and would meet the needs of the business. During this phase we spent time understanding their current production, studying how their personnel interacted with the equipment and identifying improvement opportunities.
  • Completed proof of principle studies to develop confidence in the final solution.
  • GMP Design approach


We successfully completed testing of key performance metrics, commissioning and validation of the line at the customer’s facility.

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