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Challenge Samples

Ongoing challenges to your automated equipment’s inspection and test systems can be a critical requirement of your life sciences quality assurance system.

man holding a test part against the tooling in the machine

Challenging Your System

How can you prove that your equipment’s inspection and test systems are maintaining their capabilities to effectively render an accurate quality assessment of your product? Calibration is one method, but is often costly and difficult to perform on a routine basis.

However, by performing regular in-place verification of your critical inspection and test systems—challenging them—you can ensure that they are working properly on a much more regular basis. System integrity can be verified at the beginning of each shift, batch, lot, or even throughout your product’s assembly run.

Vision Inspection Validation

One method in particular that generally demands ongoing challenge testing is vision inspection. Due to their complexity, there are no currently recognized methods for fully validating most vision inspection systems, therefore regular challenging of their operation is essential.

We can work with you to identify any challenge sample needs for your automated equipment and can then provide challenge testing solutions ranging from a simple manual test performed by following on-screen instructions to a fully automated solution that allows the machine to challenge itself. We can provide an effective solution that will ensure your product’s integrity and satisfy your most demanding quality requirements with whatever method you choose to challenge your inspection and test systems.