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sortimat Discovery™ Dial

The sortimat Discovery dial is the foundation of our line of synchronous, cam-controlled assembly chassis. This high-performance rotary indexing table is a proven solution suitable for demanding production environments in the life sciences sector.

indexing dial table with 7 station working up to it, the station are blurred due to movement

Standard dial indexing chassis delivers uncompromised reliability

The sortimat Discovery™ dial indexing chassis delivers precision, reliability and speed by combining cam-controlled tooling motions with synchronous fixture indexing. Coordinated fixture and tooling motions from a common drive provide the most efficient means of assembly automation.

The sortimat Discovery dial series of rotary indexers is available with 12, 16, 20 or 24 stations. Servomotor-driven indexing provides even greater flexibility. Standard and custom models can operate at up to 200 cycles per minute.

Often, these machines are used as satellite manufacturing cells designed to sub-assemble and feed other machines of a larger assembly system.

These machines are typically dedicated to long-term manufacturing programs. Our line of sortimat Discovery dial, cam-controlled machines delivers reliability and efficiency.

Discovery Dial Benefits

  • Reduced lead time to installation and start-up using standards
  • Proven performance based on previous successful installations
  • Complex assembly and test operations with a small footprint
  • Dedicated production platform well suited for clean room environments
cover page for the sortimat assembly Technology Brochure

Feature Brochure

  • sortimat Assembly platforms: Discovery, Jetwing, and Spaceline.

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