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Dial Indexing Chassis

We have years of experience in successfully developing, deploying and commissioning many indexing dial table based production systems to the life sciences sector. The dial indexing chassis is the simplest means of fixture transport for single or multitrack assembly.

dial table with 6 stations for processing

Highly repeatable precision indexing

Dial indexers provide the simplest means of fixture transport between assembly and test stations. A machine built around a dial indexer can be synchronous or asynchronous depending on process and throughput requirements. Other considerations include whether it is to operate as a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine drive selection. Limited only by the number of stations or available “slices of pie” (fixture real estate), a dial indexing machine is the first choice considered for applications requiring high yield throughput.

Dial fixture motion can be powered directly by a servo motor or a fixed speed motor through a speed reducer and cam controlled indexer. For some applications, a servo motor can be used to provide specialized number of rotation increments or greater flexibility. For highly efficient operations, all fixture and tooling motions are tied to the same drive as with a sortimat Discovery™ Dial machine.

Whether standard rotary dial, double dial, precision ring, multi-tier dial or trunnion mount (horizontal axis) configuration, our chassis provide precision, simplicity, lower cost and a small footprint. Other features we can provide in our dial chassis include:

  • Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic Machines
  • Pneumatic, Servo or Cam-Controlled Chassis
  • Reduced lead time to installation and start-up using standards
  • Proven performance based on previous successful installations